We are members of the BMAA and affirm the BMAA doctrinal statement. Additionally, we ascribe to the doctrines contained in the 1689 Second London Baptist Confession of Faith and the 1833 New Hampshire Confession of Faith. In addition to these historic Baptist beliefs we hold several distinctives of note.


We adhere to the regulative principle of worship. As such we practice complementarianism in our homes and in the church. Our elders, deacons, and teachers are men. We hold to the primacy of the word in the worship service through; expository preaching, various readings of scripture, prayer based upon scripture, and the singing of songs steeped in the Word of God. We utilize classic hymns as well as modern hymns (The Gettys, Sovereign Grace, Wendell Kimbrough, Matt Papa, Matt Boswell, etc.). Every component of our worship is focused on the preaching text to illuminate what God reveals about himself, man’s need of him, the redemptive work of Christ, and how we ought to respond in accord with the particular text. This equates to a service of worship rich in scripture readings, use of catechisms/confessions/creeds, prayer, the preaching of the Word, baptism, and communion.

World View

We hold to a distinctly biblical world view. This worldview puts us at odds with human-centered world views such as feminism, communism, Critical Race Theory, woke ideologies, etc. The root of the difference is how we view the problems and solutions facing our world; namely sin and the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. We reject any view that man is able to solve the problems of this world through his efforts. We additionally reject any view that any group of people is superior to any other or has any virtue within themselves.


We believe that God has created us male and female with certain distinct strengths and God ordained roles in the home and in the church. We recognize that this was God’s intention from creation and that changes in society do not change God’s Word, thus they should not change the what the church looks like.

Church Polity

We are an elder lead congregational church with Christ as our head. We believe that a plurality of the elders overseeing the ministry of the church is the biblical model (Titus 1:5 & Acts 6:1-6) with Deacons leading in service to the body.